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  • Sweet Georgia Brown at Home

    I've decided to continue this blog with a new category for life's adventure at home: Sometimes on the weekends I get to take a special walk like this one in January at Rock Point in Burlington with Lynne, Daniel, Dad and Mom. Even though my regular walk in Red Rocks Park next to our house is fun everyday. It's even more fun to experience a new world of smells and hear my human companions ooh and ah over the views. We all had a great time together in January, Mom is planing to post more recent photos so I can comment.

  • End of the Trip with friends

    We made one overnight stop in Raleigh, NC on the way from Savannah, GA to Ellicott City, MD. We stayed in a dog friendly Candlewood Suites near some lovely walking trails behind a residential neighborhood. Mom and Dad forgot to take photos. Highlights of Raleigh include trails, a little hotel kitchen where Mom made us all breakfast in the morning and a restaurant that was well suited to Dad and Mom's taste. One side of the menu was meat and one side vegetarian/vegan. It was great to see our friends in Ellicott City, MD where we took some fun walks with Dan, Jill and Buddy the dog. Dad and Mom had to get used to being in cold weather again. Even though it was the end of March, temperatures in Maryland dropped into the thirties. I like cold weather. We also got to see Dan and Jill's daughter Jamie and their exchange student from Germany named Paula. Their other daughter Jessie was off at college. Our last stop before driving home to Vermont was to have a quick lunch with Lynne, Daniel and Lilly the cat at Lynne's apartment in Somerset, NJ. Lilly is a very friendly cat who even likes big dogs like me. It was great to See Lynne and Daniel. We are hoping for a longer visit sometime soon that will include a photo of Daniel. Yitzi called on the way home and let us know he had a nonCovid cold so we stopped at Healthy Living in Saratoga for some chicken soup. Now we are home

  • Dad's Heritage Tour

    Dad finally made it to the city where his grandfather, Jacob Gittelsohn (Grandpa Jay), grew up as one of six children before moving to California. Jacob's father was Yitzchak Mordechai Gittelsohn. Jacob's mother was Lena Shabashevitz. They lived in a house near their Shul built in 1909. Dad's Grandfather taught Hebrew School at this Shul at age 15: Before going to the Shul Mom found the local Health Food Store (not Whole Foods) with sidewalk tables for me. We then took a scenic walk through Forsynth Park where there was a fountain and many artsy looking people. Many of the buildings, including Grandpa Jay's synagogue, are owned by Savannah College of Art and Design. Interesting conversation snippets Mom heard while walking: "His birthday is on March 18." (same day as Mom's birthday) "Stay in love with God." Dad and Mom really liked looking at the buildings in the Savannah historic district including one of the oldest synagogues in the U.S. This is a Sephardic Synagogue. The congregation started in 1735 and the synagogue was built in 1878. We also walked on the Riverfront. There were many good smells and things to look at including a Riverboat with one of the many variations on my name Georgia Queen. Penny, one of two dogs who live at our Savannah Airbnb, welcomed me home after our long walk in beautiful and historic Savannah. Today is an inside rainy day while Dad engages in genealogy research at the Georgia Historical Society. Yesterday we spent time outside. Mom is a pisces so liked the photo of me, at one of the historic landmarks. Mostly I like to be outside with the smells of nature. This poem by Yitzi Gittelsohn expresses how people like to experience both nature made and people made. This stillness is too sweet to leave The fresh air quenches the thirst of my breath So much After breathing in the thick cotton of a mask all day All the masks we wear Mingled with the scent of my lunch And the staleness of recycled oxygen The fresh air Is so crisp and clean It feels as if it is coming from the icy water underneath Evaporating straight up Into my naked nostrils And I suck it in desperately As if I were a man Who found a well After wandering the desert Too long And my heart drinks the sweetness of the stillness Which tastes so clean and warm After the dirty anxiety and the daily noise Filled up its mouth It is instantly refreshed And holds the energy of the stillness in close In its storage rooms, in its attic and basement For later use When the heart lies panting on the floor Exhausted In some claustrophobic office space Or cacophonous party Yes, this stillness is too sweet to leave But I will leave it now, again For I must eat, real food, Not just the food of the soul And I must eat it with my people Who do overwhelm me But who also love me And I must listen to music, real music Not just the silent music of the soul And I must listen with my people Who do chatter on But who, in their chatter, say I love you I love you Georgia said goodbye to her Airbnb friends Penny (big) and Charlie (little).

  • The Usual Detour

    After leaving St. Augustine Dad and Mom took the slow road From St. Augustine, FL to St. Simon's Island, GA. After a ride in the backseat and relaxing in the back seat while Mom and Dad had lunch in a place with healthy bowls, we all went for a walk in Fort Clinch State Park on Amelia Island. After reading the FOR YOUR SAFETY sign, Mom and Dad held onto to me especially near the water so I would not become alligator lunch. The park had many plants, birds and other animals putting me in a paradise of smells but no chasing my ball in the water of course.

  • St. Simons Island, GA

    St. Simons Island has the best and biggest off leash dog beach just a short walk from our cozy Airbnb. We have been out for two sunrise walks. Mornings are cool enough for Dad and I to play many games of fetch. In the afternoon on the beach, I enjoyed burying my ball in the sand and digging it out. After Dad and Mom fell asleep on the beach blanket, Mom was moved to practice the yoga pose Warrior I. Wednesday night we attended Yitzi's open mic, virtually, at the South Burlington Community Library. Dad sang three Georgia songs and Mom woke me up to situate me in front of the webcam for the Sweet Georgia Brown song. Yitzi's open mic theme was piano plus he mentioned Purim. Jim, a regular open mic performer, sang Irish songs in honor of St. Patrick's Day and introduced his 6-year-old.grandson. After the open mic, Dad, Mom and I took a walk in downtown St. Simons. In honor of Purim Mom was moved to take a photo of the full moon. Dad then had the idea of the full moon with the lighthouse. Mom loved her birthday, interspersed with walks with me and Dad, and electric bike rides exploring the island while I relaxed at the Airbnb. Other highlights of Mom's birthday include a photo of a sculpture sent from Aunt Sandy's vacation in Puerto Rico with Uncle Steven. The name of the sculpture is Sisters:) It was a beautiful day on Mom's birthday until the evening when it became cool and rainy. I enjoyed the cool of the car backseat while Mom and Dad celebrated at a seafood restaurant named Fiddlers. One of the items on the menu was healthy bowls made with freshly caught fish, coconut rice, and asian slaw. The server asked Dad what he wanted from the whole menu. She then turned to Mom and asked, "What kind of bowl do you want?" Dad and Mom had a good chuckle over the server's ability to know what Mom would want even though they just met. Mom loves the southern accents, friendliness and sense of humor in this state where all the license plates show my name -- Georgia. Mom and Dad loved the food at that restaurant because the fish was perfectly cooked and the sauce made them want to lick the plate. The citrusy Georgia crafted sour beer was also delish. The morning of March 19, before driving to Savannah, Dad and Mom took another photo of a lighthouse. They've been influenced by Daniel who more intentionally collects lighthouse photos from all over the country. Below is a video of Dad and me on our 14-year-old-dog, slow pee, slow walk.

  • Historic St. Augustine, FL

    We all really liked the St. Augustine Airbnb. There was a fenced in yard, comfy bed, workable kitchen and it was walking distance to the historic downtown. As we were driving there, Dad realized he had overlooked the "smoking allowed" amenity and he dislikes the smell of cigarette smoke even more than Mom. Mom frantically started looking for alternative lodging but everything was booked so we were meant to stay in the Airbnb tiny house that allows smoking. They walked in and were happy to discover that they couldn't smell anything with there human noses. Although my dog nose told a different story, I don't have a history of being stuck as a child in a smoky family station wagon in the 1960s. Speaking of history, after Dad and Mom got me tired with walking the residential streets, with good smelling lawns and admirable old houses, they walked around the campus of Flagler College. The buildings were originally designed as the Ponce de León Hotel, built in 1888 as a luxury hotel with fancy Spanish architecture. Mom wondered if she could become unstuck in time and apply to this small, student centered school. Walking through the rest of St. Augustine, they also discovered the most touristy street they had ever seen. Mom was then very focused on finding The Sprout Kitchen (tiny place) where Dad had a smoothy that tasked like a chocolate peanut butter cup and was healthy at the same time. Mom had a sprouted bagel, with cashew cream cheese seasoned with everything bagel spice, sprouts, house made sour kraut, and avocado. Mom said it was a perfect balance of flavor and texture. She told the server how grateful she was for this food oasis and the server responded that it's not easy to be vegan in St, Augustine. North of the city we found Anastasia State Park with a bit of beach.

  • Journey North to St. Augustine, FL

    Dad favors Route 1 along scenic coastal towns over fast and boring Route 95. Mom mostly agrees but sometimes has to make sure that part of the exciting journey is reaching a destination. We were appreciative of the scenic drive and exploring the windy and dog friendly Paradise Beach. We also went for a special walk through a tropical swampy area. Mom and Dad kept me on a leash to make sure I did not become alligator lunch. The car ride is always relaxing after lots of exercise.

  • Sea Anemones in Key Largo FL

    Our first outing was at Rowell's Waterfront Park where there were different pools and sea anemones. Watch the video. The background barking was two large Doberman Pincers and a German Shepard brought by a couple who had moved to Key Largo from Northern California a few years ago. They were about three times my size and much more active but friendly. After I got really tired from walking--fetching--swimming, I was happy to sleep in the air conditioned Airbnb while Mom and Dad kayaked through mangroves. Other activities during my afternoon nap included pedal kayaking, biking and swimming in the campground pool.

  • Sarasota Beach Fun

    Mom, Dad and I saw a Dixieland band playing a brunch gig in downtown Sarasota. Dad liked that the banjo player was also the vocalist just like when Dad sings Sweet Georgia Brown performing with the Onion River Jazz Band. Dad and I lingered a bit longer than Mom who looked for the book 365 Poems in a used bookstore. She didn't find it so Yitzi continues to text a poem per day. Later, we saw a flock of peacocks and I went swimming with Sarasota high rises in the background in the background. I went with Mom, Dad and Uncle Mike to see Fred Levine's 46 foot pristine sailboat with teak woodwork. He has been living on the boat with two bedrooms, a full kitchen, dining and work area. The humans were impressed then posed with me outside of the boat. After the boat tour we ate lunch outside near the University of Southern Florida in St. Petersburg. We also passed by Eckerd College and New College of Florida. Mom liked the laid back feeling of St. Petersburg and Fred said there are only two places he would live in Florida: St. Petersburg and St. Augustine. Then we went to a very beautiful park East of St. Petersburg, named Fort DeSoto, with a long windy bike path through the woods and a dog beach. Uncle Mike talked about his pugs and how they love to run on the beach. I chased the ball and made friends with a gentle giant Great Dane named Indie. Indie has to wear a life jacket near the water because he's a sinker. Mom put a beach towel on her lap in the car and I fell asleep after a very active day.

  • Beautiful Sarasota, Florida

    My first day in Sarasota Dad took me to a small beach called Indian Beach that is 1/3 of a mile from our comfy Airbnb. He brought the Lacrosse stick and tennis ball and I had fun. Philip lives in Sarasota now in a nice assisted living facility. He like s the beautiful weather and being near his ex wife Renata. Mike, Dad's brother, coordinated a visit to see Philip with a visit to see us. After sitting outside our Airbnb with an Italian soda, Mom suggested a vegan restaurant for lunch with outdoor seating for me. She was very happy that all the meat eaters said it was delicious. Laying on the rug at Aunt Bobbi & Uncle Murray's Siesta Key condo was almost as good as laying on the couch at Elliott & Vinni's apartment. I was comfy, Dad gave me a suv and everyone noticed that I blended with the colors. We enjoyed Shabbat blessings and a delicious salmon dinner prepared by Bobbi. Mom gave me a piece of salmon that I gobbled up quickly. We all enjoyed our visit. For our next fun visit with Lisa and Joel, Saturday morning we walked through the Sarasota farmers market at least the size of Burlington's market, maybe bigger and on closed off city streets. Mom spent a long time at the looseleaf Japanese tea stand and waited in line for sourdough bread that turned out to not be as flavorful as Yitzi's. Uncle Joel and Aunt Lisa brought us to their favorite farm stand where we bought local corn, blueberries and tomatoes in February. After the farmers market we all took a long walk in Bayfront Park where Joel goes for a sunrise walk every morning. The photos show a statue that memorializes the end of WWII. Some people object to the sailor jubilantly grabbing a nurse, but I think they both look happy about the war ending. The statue was modeled from a real life photo in the New York Times, 1945. After the walk, I sat under an outdoor cafe table while the humans ate sandwiches made inside tubes of bread made to order from the raw dough. Aunt Lisa held my leash to walk past the doorman of their condo because there is a rule that only owners may bring dogs inside the building. Joel and Lisa gave us a tour of their lovely condo overlooking the bay, but we did not stay long enough for me to explore and find a cozy rug.

  • Winter Park to Sarasota

    Mom now feels confident switching to Georgia in the first dog: Mom and Dad took me to Azalea Park where Mom appreciated the many Azalea's in bloom and thought it was a good place to put a Sam stone. I liked the windy path and bridge over the wetlands. Mom and I are both early morning people and appreciated the bright pre-sunrise moonlight in the garden at our Winter Park tiny house. Wednesday, Feb. 24 began with a sunrise walk in one of the very large Winter Park dog parks. We love the big Florida trees. We then went to see Lisa, Rick, Adam and Evan (Mom and Lisa are first cousins) at their lovely Winter Park house. Evan and Adam like to play basketball in front of their house and it reminded me of how much fun I had going out to the basketball court with Yitzi and his friends when they were all in grade school. If they didn't bring me, I would whimper at the sun room window until Mom would bring me over to the court and ask the kids if I could play. Later we had dinner with our Winter Park cousins on their patio where they sometimes like to watch movies projected onto the outside wall. Finally a dog friendly ocean bay beach, where Dad could throw me a tennis ball with the lacrosse stick, walking distance from our Airbnb in Sarasota. The inland lakes in Winter Park were very pretty but had warning signs about alligators and harmful bacteria. I don't think alligators like the salt water.

  • Winter Park Parks

    Georgia has enjoyed a couple of sunrise walks near the lake in Winter Park. It's cooler in the morning and the trees are pretty with moss hangings. She doesn't mind just playing fetch on dry land since the lakes have posted warning signs about alligators and parasites. She may just have to wait for ocean swimming. Winter Park seems like a lovely community. Georgia sat in an outdoor middle eastern lunch cafe today while visiting with Mom's cousin Lisa, Rick and Rick's uncle. Tomorrow we will go to their house for dinner and also spend time with their two boys: Adam, age 12 and Evan, age 10. Hopefully Mom and Dad will remember to take pictures of me with the relatives.

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