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  • Georgia in the Winter Park, FL Tiny House

    After traveling close to 1500 miles Georgia finally made it to the tiny house in Winter Park near Orlando. This photo was taken last night when Dad and Mom were tired and not sure about staying in the tiny house with the outdoor shower and sink and limited space. Today Mom feels more optimistic after sitting in the sunny warm garden, and getting used to cooking with the induction burner, wok and rice cooker. The outdoor shower is great on a sunny afternoon. Mom wore me out with a long afternoon walk. It was a beautiful day but I'm not used to the warmer afternoon temperatures. Tomorrow we'll try a cooler morning walk. Dad is off filming near Dade City until tomorrow;.

  • Georgia in Charleston SC

    Georgia spent one night in Charleston where the beaches are beautiful and the people are friendly. There were many dogs and their owners enjoying a sunrise walk on Friday. After the walk we looked at the lovely historic waterfront city and had breakfast at an outdoor cafe that fully met Mommy's standards for healthy and delicious food and drinks. Mom had GF vegan banana pancakes with granola, fresh strawberries and cashew cream toppings plus a delicious matcha late with oatmilk. Dad had a breakfast burrito, hot chocolate and kombucha not as good as Vermont Aqua Vitae. A few more pictures from Charleston. All the morning beach walk dogs know the woman in the purple sweater makes organic dog treats for a living.

  • Georgia in Philadelphia

    In Philadelphia Georgia really enjoyed hanging out on the couch and cuddling with Vinni, Claire and Elliott. She also enjoyed spending time with Tobie on a walk outside of Phili where there was some challenging bushwhacking, steep rocky areas and logs to climb over. We all had a good workout. Mom conked out in the car and missed seeing the circus school where Elliott will be working.

  • Georgia Heads South

    Georgia begins her trip to Floriday from 5 Pleasant Ave., South Burlington VT on Feb. 15, 2022. This is the longest road trip Georgia and her Mom have every taken. Georgia's Dad has been across the country numerous times. Once he drove 45 hours straight from Montana to Vermont.

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