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If you're curious about the title of my blog, listen to my six minute story told at the Burlington Moth Story Slam.


"Nothing is outside of you."

From a sticker in the kitchen of a charming Airbnb, Rosh Pina, Israel.

Rosh Pina hike

This personal blog is a work in progress. I welcome your feedback. You can email me or comment on my posts. I look forward to hearing from you.


​One of my favorite travel memories: A hilly walking path magical with herbs, olive trees and wild flowers, and a 19th century neighborhood with stone buildings containing a lovely synagogue, chocolate themed restaurant with a cathedral ceiling, plus good shops are all part of the charming city of Rosh Pina, Israel. My favorite Rosh Pina artisan made apron is fraying. Time to go back to this city close to the ancient mystical city of Safed.

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