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Angels Are Everywhere

Messengers in Disguise

Ellen Gittelsohn

Jul 21, 2023

Messengers in Disguise

Thank you for the food, daisies and your contributions to our meeting. Here's the cooperative dinner recipe for hummus and the topping: 

Lyrics from Yitzi's song:

Angels are everywhere
Messengers in disguise
They might not look like what you think
They might not have wings and blue eyes
They might look like a beggar getting angry that you wear a kippah yet you didn’t give her money
They might look trauma from a dog that bit your eyebrow
They might look like friends who judge you for believing in a god
When everything to them seems random and cold and unjust

Yes these angels are everywhere
Cloaked in what unsettles you
Breaking you out of your comfort
Like the dragonfly who fluttered
In the blueberry net so stuck, so tender yet so alien
Unable to ignore it, I was squirming when I touched it
But I freed its wings from the net and it flew away so freely
That I too felt released
Yes these angels they are everywhere

Che reminded us that we are always interacting with God and said that Yitzi's song made angels accessible. Joni sees angels everywhere, not always expected but appreciated. 

Our children respond to how we raise them and become our angels, Annette said, getting us to stretch ourselves more than we thought we could. We can go beyond the needs of our ego

Janet brought up that angels appear in the form of other beings and alter our paths. Our desire to travel may be altered by a cherished pet who we don't want to leave alone. Georgia's last year of life brought us on a fun dog friendly road trip instead of on a plane to another country. We saw loved ones and celebrated Georgia. She is now an angel I carry with me in my heart perhaps reminding me to tune in to the miracle of the lake, woods, sunset, relationships and relaxation at the end of the day. 

Angels can also appear as events such as Joni hurting her toe, slowing down and appreciating (facebook post) "slow toe summer adventures." 

In my mind I'm seeing a painting with angels inside of everything as in Yitzi's lyrics:

They are swimming in the floods

And the fires filling woods and skies

They’re floating in the heat that rises

Up from our wrongdoing

They are dancing in our minds

Like candles burning our self-love

Telling us we’re not enough

When really they are getting us

To face our deepest darkest fears

The ones that eat our souls like bugs

The ones that take away our years

The ones that blow the whole world up

The veil between us humans and the angelic forces that infiltrate everything is perhaps thinning.  Perhaps disease, floods and fires create a more widespread desire to, as Rhonda mentioned, reach toward the spiritual and creating, as Danny said, a different vibration or frequency allowing us to see. 

"The goodness is lying just beneath the surface, straining to burst through. The next step is ours. By doing one more good deed--and we do not know which one it is--we will tip the scale, releasing centuries' worth of radiance, bathing the entire world in the light of knowledge and the goodness of G-d."  --Simon Jacobson, Toward a Meaningful Life, 2002 

They’re whispering please just get back up
From all the nightmares you create
And stand up tall like you’re an angel
Bringing messages to wake
The sleeping angels from their slumber
They’ve forgotten who they are
That they have something beautiful
To contribute to the world

So I remember the secret
That you whispered in my ear once
That this world is made of meaning
And you just need to be open to hear that
Angels are everywhere
Messengers in disguise
They might not look like what you think
But they are within everything

Click here to listen to the song Angels Are Everywhere.

Thank you Che for requesting that each of us end the meeting by uttering one word. Our words/phrases this time were connection, love, embrace, playfulness, one step forward, one step at a time.

Next meeting will be Sept. 18 because August is busy with vacation plans etc for us, Annette and maybe for you. Danny requested that we set up a microphone so that Annette can hear better. There was also a request from Che and Danny to begin the next meeting with another poem or song written by Yitzi.

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