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Helpful pauses

Ellen Gittelsohn

Jan 16, 2024

Helpful pauses

My realization when I woke up from the long pause of sleep this morning was that I would like our next meeting to be March 18, because I can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday. After our cooperative dinner that will include Paul, I would like to play the Moth game with all of you. No gifts please. Let me know what you think. As always, I will send a reminder.

February 19 we can mark in our calendars as a time to think of each other wherever we are in the world. I will be in Vietnam and thinking of all of you.

During our meeting, listening to the Kabbalah teacher David Ghiyam followed by discussion, I kept picturing images from Yitzi's most recent composition so here it is interspersed with our meeting comments. 

The Reasons That I'm Loving You Click here to listen. 

Read the lyrics below interspersed with our meeting inspired comments. 

Sometimes I don’t know a thing
Not how to be
Not why I’m living

Nothing rocks me back to sleep
Like feeling small
Amidst the silent giant world

Nothing knocks me off my feet
Like staring in the face
Of empty space between

I was sitting by the pond

And no, it wasn’t the same one
That I wrote of when I thought you were the one
That I spoke of in my nostalgia

Patience. So much is revealed through the tension of story and dreams. Remember the art of allowing.

The wind was blowing all sorts of ways
The ripples painting the surface

Be a river not a swamp.

Dancing patterns on a sunny winter day
And only I happened to notice

That the world is beautiful
Even without the music
That there’s so much to behold
Just within the moment

Pause. What a pleasure. One day per week, your Sabbath day, you could try taking a pause from sundown to sundown and know on that day that everything is okay. Your to-do list and phone can perhaps wait one day. Also, you do not have to save the world on that one day. Your only job is to rest, renew and feel the elevated connection to the creator. We can then remember to pause long enough to build a vessal to hold the light that can shine on what we perceive to be happening during the rest of our lives. 

And the many truths I’ve held
Fly away in the wind
And the heavy love I felt
Now floats across the pond
It’s going, going, gone

Perhaps we can realize during times of elevated consciousness, that everything you've ever wanted is there in the surrounding light even when we are afraid and doubting ourselves. Messiah is code for a level of consciousness where there is no more separation. Even when we feel lack, the energy of the thing we are lacking still exists.

Across the pond there are two swans
They’re flapping their wings hard
To stay afloat or be airborne
I’m not sure which they’re doing it for
I’m not sure if they’re going somewhere
I’m not sure why they really care
I’m not sure why we’re all still here
I'm not sure why I’m watching them

And feeling like the air is clear
And I can breathe much easier
Than when I held so tightly to
The reasons that I’m loving you


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