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Showing Up

Humility in Bonding

Ellen Gittelsohn

Mar 17, 2023

Humility in Bonding

The theme of the meeting was based on the Omer Counting: Briefly, the omer counting is Kabbalah's 49 steps to personal refinement in preparation for receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. I think if it as preparing to receive in general. The night we met the counting was focused on Yesod (bonding) on the Tree of Life and the Hod (humility/recognition of splendor) aspect of Yesod. What does this mean? Hod of Yesod. Humility in bonding. Humility in bonding creates splendor because we are bonding for a higher purpose. We are able to let go and see the big picture. What if we could do this before every interaction.

Ché remembered a nun from Catholic school who advised: When you feel the need to complain about someone or something, don't go to the phone, go to the throne.

If we recognize the third party in bonding then we are bonding with more than ourselves or our own ego.

Sami described the value of setting an intention before a meeting. This can be quite effective even when you don't tell other people at the meeting about the intention. For example, after members of a Sami's neighborhood committee had been disagreeing during a number of meetings, committee members started collaborating more after Sami spent some pre-meeting time on the intention to have a peaceful, collaborative meeting. Sami was not the facilitator. She was a guest attendee. People noticed that there was less conflict leading to a productive meeting. Does consciousness exist outside of ourselves?

Pausing helps us to create a vessel that is receptive to the light.

Cindy and Ché both described life threatening situations for their Dads. It was crucial to be receptive to the inner voice in order to help and perhaps save the life of a loved one. This leads me to think about the importance of practicing receptivity every day through our pactices in which humility is an important ingredient.

Danny reminded us that humulity and receptivity is transformative. Bless the person who is troubling you, he advised.

Joni spoke of writing a letter or an email and not sending it if our feelings are hurt by someone. Perhaps this is a way of talking to God first or "going to the throne instead of the phone."

Che asked us to each come up with a word to integrate the meeting.

Here are the words: peace, healing, humility, patience, splendor, right action, light. Here's a link to Yitzi's new album on Spotify. Click here

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 19 at 6:00 p.m. Annette is planning to attend in person! 

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