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The Fork

If You See a Fork In the Road Take It
-- Yogi Berra

Ellen Gittelsohn

Dec 19, 2023

If You See a Fork In the Road Take It
-- Yogi Berra

I'm experimenting with not using names and thinking about going more public with the blog posts, as I have done with my other blog posts. Please comment. I also like using your names so we all remember who said what. Paul and I just use our first names.

One image shows my friend Lisa and me circa 1970s. A year and a half ago when Lisa was nearing the end of her time on this physical plane, she adamantly did not want me to return her special fork when I told her it reminded me of her. Now that Lisa is gone from the world, I have a little connection with her most mornings as I eat my morning cut up fruit.  

As I write this I feel the same sense of comfort that you all seemed to be expressing at our last Kabbalah meeting when talking about the appreciation of people and animals in our lives, the loss of their physical presence and the alters, dreams, pens and other objects that help us feel comforted and connected. One of us said that the more we raise our vibration, the greater the connection with the spirit of friends and family whose physical presence has vanished from our lives. 

"When you see a fork in the road take it," was said by a legendary baseball player whose Italian looks reminded his high school friend of an Indian yogi so Lawrence Peter Berra acquired the nickname Yogi Berra. Last night we talked about the difference between changing activity and staying put allowing our roots to grow deep into the earth. Both ways at the fork can create a vibrant balanced life. 

We may be aware of signs such as a lost loved one's handkerchief dissolving in our hand showing us that permanence is an illusion. 

Another Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda, said God is within and around me, protecting me; so I will banish the fear that shuts out His guiding light.”

Our next meeting will be Monday, January 15, 6:00 to 8:30. We could discuss a reading or a video.

Click Forbidden Rice Salad for the recipe from our last meeting. My secret ingredient is a mixture of fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice.

The cycle of life continues.

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