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End of the Trip with friends

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We made one overnight stop in Raleigh, NC on the way from Savannah, GA to Ellicott City, MD. We stayed in a dog friendly Candlewood Suites near some lovely walking trails behind a residential neighborhood. Mom and Dad forgot to take photos. Highlights of Raleigh include trails, a little hotel kitchen where Mom made us all breakfast in the morning and a restaurant that was well suited to Dad and Mom's taste. One side of the menu was meat and one side vegetarian/vegan.

It was great to see our friends in Ellicott City, MD where we took some fun walks with Dan, Jill and Buddy the dog. Dad and Mom had to get used to being in cold weather again. Even though it was the end of March, temperatures in Maryland dropped into the thirties. I like cold weather. We also got to see Dan and Jill's daughter Jamie and their exchange student from Germany named Paula. Their other daughter Jessie was off at college.

Our last stop before driving home to Vermont was to have a quick lunch with Lynne, Daniel and Lilly the cat at Lynne's apartment in Somerset, NJ. Lilly is a very friendly cat who even likes big dogs like me. It was great to See Lynne and Daniel. We are hoping for a longer visit sometime soon that will include a photo of Daniel.

Yitzi called on the way home and let us know he had a nonCovid cold so we stopped at Healthy Living in Saratoga for some chicken soup. Now we are home

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