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Nori Rolls

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Nori Rolls are made for a cooperative meal party. After demonstrating how to create a nori roll using mat, you can allow your guests to try it themselves. I emphasize no more than a cup of rice and small amount of vegetables per roll so not not overfill. Although one of my guests consistently overfilled any type of wrap, she still enjoyed the wonderful flavors all messy on her plate.

You will need a sushi mat plus and, ideally, soy sauce dipping bowls for your guests.

Cooperative Version

Guest ingredient possibilities

More suggestions

The host provides sushi mats, soy sauce dipping bowls, sushi rice, nori sheets, soy sauce, wasabi paste or any other sushi dip.

Protein suggestions: thinly sliced tofu, tempeh, fish

Guests bring one ingredient

Vegetable suggestions: thinly sliced pickled vegetables, raw vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, avocado

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