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Sarasota Beach Fun

Mom, Dad and I saw a Dixieland band playing a brunch gig in downtown Sarasota. Dad liked that the banjo player was also the vocalist just like when Dad sings Sweet Georgia Brown performing with the Onion River Jazz Band. Dad and I lingered a bit longer than Mom who looked for the book 365 Poems in a used bookstore. She didn't find it so Yitzi continues to text a poem per day.

Later, we saw a flock of peacocks and I went swimming with Sarasota high rises in the background in the background.

I went with Mom, Dad and Uncle Mike to see Fred Levine's 46 foot pristine sailboat with teak woodwork. He has been living on the boat with two bedrooms, a full kitchen, dining and work area. The humans were impressed then posed with me outside of the boat.

After the boat tour we ate lunch outside near the University of Southern Florida in St. Petersburg. We also passed by Eckerd College and New College of Florida. Mom liked the laid back feeling of St. Petersburg and Fred said there are only two places he would live in Florida: St. Petersburg and St. Augustine.

Then we went to a very beautiful park East of St. Petersburg, named Fort DeSoto, with a long windy bike path through the woods and a dog beach. Uncle Mike talked about his pugs and how they love to run on the beach. I chased the ball and made friends with a gentle giant Great Dane named Indie. Indie has to wear a life jacket near the water because he's a sinker. Mom put a beach towel on her lap in the car and I fell asleep after a very active day.

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