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The chicks are growing away from their mama. I'm happy for them and my heart is breaking.

All I could do was observe and pose in front of a bird statue.

Paul preferred posing with the piano statue.

Now that we are both feeling better, we are biking to Playa Ramirez (beach), practicing more Spanish and dreaming about the possibilities for exploration, entertainment and a little travel.

Playa Ramirez is a lovely local beach about 2.5 miles from our apartment. The third photo shows a gentle beach exercise class geared for middle aged to senior folk. Further down the beach we saw a young person's vigorous exercise class.

Because this morning was not sunny, we rode our bikes the other way on the Rambla (waterfront bike/walking path) that took us into an industrial warehouse environment. We didn't realize the Rambla ends before the warehouses. There is a lot more contrast with the urban environment if you ride toward the beach. We saved the morning by walking up onto one of the appealing cobblestone walking streets with outdoor restaurants and cafes, then went back down to the nice part of the Rambla.

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Sas Carey
Sas Carey

These are great! Thanks.

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