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"Engage with people when you want to give. Engage with the creator when you want to receive." David Ghiyam Kabbalah teacher

Once again, it was great to get together in person on a beautiful warm evening to share a meal and share our reactions to the above quote.

We talked a lot about knowing what we are drawn to but not always knowing where this feeling of desire is leading. Although we can't always see the big picture, we can engage with the creator in this mysterious place. Whether we are confused, conflicted or feel like everything is going our way, it makes sense to keep connecting with source. Then, we have something to give. It was great to hear your examples of looking for a home. It seems that the truth of our desires brings us home and enables us to give.

Let me know if Monday, Sept. 12 works for the next meeting. The only other possibility for me is Monday, Sept. 19.

Also, because it may be a lot cooler/darker by then, do you want to meet on zoom or in-person inside? At some point, we could continue watching Kabbalah Class 2 followed by discussion

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