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Getting Settled

Last night I had the experience of looking at an event happening in Vermont in February and thinking, why is someone posting this winter event in the summer. It's too far away. Then I remembered that I'm spending two months in this place where everything is opposite. February is around the corner even though I am experiencing summer. An extra summer season makes me happy.

Paul and I are spending a bit too much urban time getting our lives settled. Things that are still a little fuzzy are phones, technology, work, food and communication. The trick is to establish a new routine while keeping a slow relaxed pace with enough time to explore. I think we almost have the bicycles figured out.

Yitzi spent this past week in Galicia, Poland. We discovered that is where my Great Grandma Bertha Einhorn is from. A young widow because her husband died in WWI, she immigrated to the United States with nine or ten children, not knowing English. She moved to Elizabeth, NJ near two cousins. My Dad grew up in Elizabeth.

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