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Historic St. Augustine, FL

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We all really liked the St. Augustine Airbnb. There was a fenced in yard, comfy bed, workable kitchen and it was walking distance to the historic downtown. As we were driving there, Dad realized he had overlooked the "smoking allowed" amenity and he dislikes the smell of cigarette smoke even more than Mom. Mom frantically started looking for alternative lodging but everything was booked so we were meant to stay in the Airbnb tiny house that allows smoking. They walked in and were happy to discover that they couldn't smell anything with there human noses. Although my dog nose told a different story, I don't have a history of being stuck as a child in a smoky family station wagon in the 1960s. Speaking of history, after Dad and Mom got me tired with walking the residential streets, with good smelling lawns and admirable old houses, they walked around the campus of Flagler College. The buildings were originally designed as the Ponce de León Hotel, built in 1888 as a luxury hotel with fancy Spanish architecture. Mom wondered if she could become unstuck in time and apply to this small, student centered school. Walking through the rest of St. Augustine, they also discovered the most touristy street they had ever seen. Mom was then very focused on finding The Sprout Kitchen (tiny place) where Dad had a smoothy that tasked like a chocolate peanut butter cup and was healthy at the same time. Mom had a sprouted bagel, with cashew cream cheese seasoned with everything bagel spice, sprouts, house made sour kraut, and avocado. Mom said it was a perfect balance of flavor and texture. She told the server how grateful she was for this food oasis and the server responded that it's not easy to be vegan in St, Augustine. North of the city we found Anastasia State Park with a bit of beach.

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