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Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Umami Sushi Restaurant

After days of steamed vegetables and rice for our tummies, Paul wanted to take a break and go to a new neighborhood with a DJI Drone store and interesting non-steamed lunch possibilities. As you may have noticed, he owns a drone video camera.

I was a little resistant because this might upset my prescribed balance of working remotely with being on vacation.

The Sushi Restaurant: The interesting thing about the Uruguayan sushi restaurant is that most of the sushi contained queso (cheese). Although I ordered vegetarian sushi sin queso (without cheese), I noticed some pieces that were very creamy with (wishful thinking) perhaps cashew cheese that they also had on the menu. The seasonings made it delicious.

Do I want to go out for Uruguayan sushi again? Yes! Especially because the young man serving us was very friendly and happy to use his little bit of English. When we find an English speaker (usually a young person) I use as many spanish words and phrases as I know. They just smile and keep speaking English. A few have helped me with my Spanish and even taught me the Uruguayan way of speaking Italian influenced Spanish.

The waiter told us about the digital nomad cooperative apartment building across the street. Perhaps home is now all over the world.

Why is Paul on the phone in the above photo: As Paul eats his eggplant tempura appetizer, the person he is depending on to take care of the non-remote VIDEOSyncracies tasks is informing Paul that he is quitting. Could this be a blessing in disguise, as was the cashew cheese, allowing important seasonings to rise unexpectedly?

At the DJI Drone Store where they have cameras that look like birds, we met younger versions of ourselves. Matilda is 27 and Alex is 33. They commented, and I agree, that Matilda looks like me (or my younger self). She's from a small town in Northern Vermont, oops I mean France, where they are good at making cheese. She dreams of owning a cafe with different kinds of small farm sourced artisan coffee paired with organic food. This may happen once she finds the ideal place to live in the world. Alex wants to be a videographer. They both speak several languages, something I dream about as I struggle to learn Spanish.

Perhaps the blessings in disguise, such as an employee quitting, lead towards a type of renewal that will help us appreciate our inner young adult.

The mama dove flew away. The young adults hang around the nest and occasionally fly off away from their comfort zone.

Last Sunday Leo, our one friend who lives here in Uruguay near Montevideo, picked us up and drove us to a beautiful beach. Atlantida is about an hour from Montevideo. We saw large waves, large jellyfish and a large amount of sea barnacles on a sandel. The jellyfish are not as appealing as the morning doves but they are strange and interesting creatures to avoid while walking on the beach.


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Loooove these baby birds, so feathery...


Love hearing about the continuing adventure, all the bits and pieces, and the pic of your shadow taking pics. : )

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