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Opening Up to the Bigger Picture

What does it mean to focus on the 99% of reality?

A challenge such as listening to someone complain about something or someone, may temporarily cause a focus on the 1% of reality rather than the 99%. It's natural to temporarily get caught on the rock of anger, judgment and criticism. Being caught on a rock could also be an opportunity to wait and listen for one word or sentence which could be the tiny opening to the power of light, intuition, possibility, joy, and source energy.

If our mind is a jumble of thoughts, we may find ourselves returning to a joyful dream perhaps while walking in the woods causing us to forget time and our to-do list. If we are drawn in by the dream current, there may be a manifestation that has something to do with our unique way of channeling the creator.

Yitzi's latest poem

Head amongst the flowers

Back against the tree

The field of dandelions

The sun through the canopy

It’s funny how

You can be in a hole

Of stress, of phones, of tiredness, of sickness

And then you dare to crawl out of your hole

And the sun’s shining

Oh, how the sun’s shining

And all you can see and feel

Is the gentle buzz of the world

The bees are like tiny little friends

The leaves, lime green, like gifts from the upper worlds

They fall slow like snowflakes

And the birds

Oh, the birds

They seem to sing the sweetest notes an ear could hear

Like honey are their whistles

Dripping into your ear

So whatever you make of yourself

Whatever hole you dig

Tower you build for yourself

Don’t forget this world

The one that stands within and beyond

Where you’ve been, where you’re going

Yes, it’s here, large and tiny

Buried within your churnings

Waiting to burst open around you

Once again

written by Yitzi Gittelsohn

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