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Paul's Awesome Vietnam Videos

Updated: Feb 27

This page will be updated periodically with Paul's Vietnam videos.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Part 2

Landing in Vietnam and Saigon Part 1

Mekong Delta Tour

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ellen and paul thankyou, this was the best way to start the day in a cold wet vermont morning, to see you both so alive and exploring the wonders of the east, very inspiring travelers you are, i love the farms and the dogs and the colors and the smiling guy rising from his prayers still smiling, thankyou for bringing us with you this way, such a deep experience for me, i was crying to be in this land of so much , and it feels so safe and simple and honoring of one another there, the people do not seem to carry the burdens we feel in america these days

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Thanks for your comment, David. There is so much on which to reflect, and we love sharing our experiences with our friends.


So fantastic. So good that you saved me the price of the plane ticket. Open a travel agency.

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Ha ha. Thanks for your comment. It's so fun to share our adventures.


Oh wow, what an adventure! Loved Paul's videos!

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