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St. Simons Island, GA

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

St. Simons Island has the best and biggest off leash dog beach just a short walk from our cozy Airbnb. We have been out for two sunrise walks. Mornings are cool enough for Dad and I to play many games of fetch. In the afternoon on the beach, I enjoyed burying my ball in the sand and digging it out. After Dad and Mom fell asleep on the beach blanket, Mom was moved to practice the yoga pose Warrior I. Wednesday night we attended Yitzi's open mic, virtually, at the South Burlington Community Library. Dad sang three Georgia songs and Mom woke me up to situate me in front of the webcam for the Sweet Georgia Brown song. Yitzi's open mic theme was piano plus he mentioned Purim. Jim, a regular open mic performer, sang Irish songs in honor of St. Patrick's Day and introduced his 6-year-old.grandson. After the open mic, Dad, Mom and I took a walk in downtown St. Simons. In honor of Purim Mom was moved to take a photo of the full moon. Dad then had the idea of the full moon with the lighthouse.

Mom loved her birthday, interspersed with walks with me and Dad, and electric bike rides exploring the island while I relaxed at the Airbnb. Other highlights of Mom's birthday include a photo of a sculpture sent from Aunt Sandy's vacation in Puerto Rico with Uncle Steven. The name of the sculpture is Sisters:) It was a beautiful day on Mom's birthday until the evening when it became cool and rainy. I enjoyed the cool of the car backseat while Mom and Dad celebrated at a seafood restaurant named Fiddlers. One of the items on the menu was healthy bowls made with freshly caught fish, coconut rice, and asian slaw. The server asked Dad what he wanted from the whole menu. She then turned to Mom and asked, "What kind of bowl do you want?" Dad and Mom had a good chuckle over the server's ability to know what Mom would want even though they just met. Mom loves the southern accents, friendliness and sense of humor in this state where all the license plates show my name -- Georgia. Mom and Dad loved the food at that restaurant because the fish was perfectly cooked and the sauce made them want to lick the plate. The citrusy Georgia crafted sour beer was also delish.

The morning of March 19, before driving to Savannah, Dad and Mom took another photo of a lighthouse. They've been influenced by Daniel who more intentionally collects lighthouse photos from all over the country.

Below is a video of Dad and me on our 14-year-old-dog, slow pee, slow walk.

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