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Staying Put in Montevideo

Enjoy the above short video created by Paul with background music by Uruguayan musician Eduardo Mateo. Although we are in a city, we are constantly reminded of the magnificence of nature by the waterfront and glorious parks such as the botanical garden. Notice the siesta shot of the botanical garden taken while we were still being silly Americans walking around in the hot sun. Enjoy!

Paul likes swimming at the local beach and using his drone camera.

We tried a few of the many wonderful looking restaurants before our tummies went haywire. Our Airbnb host told us how to buy organic vegetables. You can order from a farm collective that delivers a basket to your home between 8:00 and 11:00 pm. I think we are the last stop. Fortunately Paul is able to stay awake until 11:00 pm. I dozed on and off in my pajamas with my phone next to me. At 10:58 pm I received the delivery text and Paul went down the four flights of stairs with 700 pesos (or $18.00) and came back with what seemed like an overwhelming amount of food for two.

I've been busy stewing and steaming the organic vegetables that are so flavorful they don't even need the potentially tummy irritating spices, garlic and onion. We were also recently advised to avoid stomach bugs by washing produce in vinegar and water.

Yitzi's latest song ties in with the morning dove family I have been observing from my bedroom window. The mommy morning dove stretched her body like a roof of love over the two chicks for days. I didn't even see her fly away to get food. Now that the chick has the certainty of great and stable love, it has moved from full underneath mommy to poking it's head out from the apron.

From Yitzi: Coming off of a meditation retreat tonight to news of another attack in Jerusalem. Thankfully my classmates and I are safe. This song is a reflection on a moment during the retreat and receiving the news directly after.

Lyrics: There was such a large tree Blowing in the breeze Staring right at me Through the window For eternity I have never felt so seen Like it knew the depths of me Somehow there was intimacy Through the glass Into me you see That tree was so wide Like the empty beach at low tide Like the arms of mother around child Through the tears Come here, feel the love That is what this world needs Many more of these trees Loving unconditionally Through the wars Rooted amidst it all If I can be like this tree For even one heartbeat And touch someone who looks at me Through their window We can start a forest of peace Through this window We can start a forest of peace

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That was a fun trip on the drone! And I love the music - feel like I'm in another country! You must really feel like you're in another country... Love to the world, and to you.


Sas Carey
Sas Carey
Jan 31, 2023

Very nice, Paul. I get the feeling of being there.

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