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The Uruguayan Riviera

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Enjoy another video produced by Paul with aerial shots, authentic Uruguayan music, our happy faces, carnival and more!

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Our second weekend side trip placed us in a beach town from a dreamy 20th century era. Uruguay really knows how to create atmosphere. We were ushered in on the first night with a glorious sunset.

Saturday we were welcomed to the feeling of contemplation and rest by a dog, a cat and a group of seals.

Piria had the dream to turn Piriapolis into a Mediterranean spa city beginning with the grand Argentino Hotel. It's a little run down but still has an impressive lobby. See the photos.

This peaceful scenic beachtown day ended with a bang. First we watched, from a sidewalk cafe in front of our hotel, the carnival parade with visceral candombe drumming and dancing. We chatted with an English speaking Uruguayan couple. I ate a tasty garbanzo burger and Paul could not finish even half of an overwhelming hamburguesa. Although there are almost always vegano options, there is also a lot of enthusiasm about meat in this country.

Midnight we were awakened by loud carnival fireworks directly across from our hotel on the beach. Paul's response was to go to the window and take photos and the video footage that you will see soon on this blog.

Hover to see captions. Click to expand.

By Sunday morning the fireworks and partying right outside our hotel window seemed like a dream.

The early morning cleanup crew restored the picturesque

Rambla for us to take a beautiful walk to San Francisco beach.

Paul swam in the big waves. We watched surfers. I put my feet in and got a little water on my shorts that dried quickly when we sat on the rocks.

After the beach we enjoyed a deliciosa lunch at the best restaurant, Puertito Don Anselmo, I have been to in Uruguay. The fish and vegetables in my poke bowl and Paul's wood fired covina fish dish were very fresh and perfectly prepared. The restaurant is built on the rocky shore with a breezy, attractively rustic, relaxed interior that is reflective of all that I love about a beautiful beach experience. They even had a whale tail sculpture similar to the one we often pass along Route 89 near our home in South Burlington, Vermont.

Chau for now.


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2 commentaires

Do you think the Uruguayans visited Vermont and then built the sculpture there, or the other way around? ...I'd like lunch at the Puertito Don Anselmo. Sweet travels. Chau.

Ellen Gittelsohn
Ellen Gittelsohn
03 mars 2023
En réponse à

It's funny to think about the Uruguayan sculptor being inspired by the landlocked Vermont whale tails.

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