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Wedding Inspired

My roots as a Jersey girl often bring me and some portion of my family "down the shore" in the summer.

This year we followed up on Yitzi's idea to visit with NJ family the week before Paul, Yitzi and I attended a wedding in Purchase, NY. Our first stop was in northern NJ to see my lifelong dear friend and second cousin Lynne and her fiancé Daniel. We also saw Lynne's daughter Leah and fiancé Chris on Friday night when we don't take photos. I really enjoyed seeing all of them, taking a walk by the Delaware and eating super delish food that happened to be vegan. We followed recipes from Clean Food Dirty Girl (food blog) and went out to The Baklava Lady.

with Daniel and Lynne

It's also great to spend time at Lynne and Daniel's with their lovely kitty, Lily, whose overt friendliness and sweetness puts her in the angel category of pets, similar to our last pet named Sweet Georgia Brown.

Paul and Yitzi drove to Philadelphia to see Elliott and Vinni while I spent a couple more days with Lynne and Daniel. The photos below show a combination of urban landscape and dog walk worthy parks.

Next we enjoyed the lovely island of Brigantine off the Atlantic City coast. Atlantic City and Brigantine are two different worlds. Brigantine has become much more populated since visiting my grandparents there in the 1970s yet somehow still peaceful. Everyone I pass says good morning or hello. We also took a walk with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Murray on the family friendly Ocean City Boardwalk where we thoroughly enjoyed a game of skeeball.

Paul, Yitzi and I bravely rode bikes to the same bird sanctuary that we used to stay away from because of vicious green flies.

I have a memory of my grandfather swatting us with his jacket as we passed him on the merry-go-round. Was that because of vicious green flies or some other insect like mosquitoes invading freely during the more primitive 1970s?

Coincidentally Yitzi's friends Jonah and Adira (met at school in Jerusalem and now going to the same rabbinical school as Yitzi in Boston) just happened to be visiting with their relatives during the same week in Ventnor, adjacent to Brigantine. Joined by Adira's parents, we spent the afternoon in Brigantine enjoying the best acai bowls and enjoying the beach of course.

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joel have lived in Brigantine for a long time during the summer. First Joel's parents (my grandparents), then Joel and Lisa and now their daughter and her family live in Brigantine. We really enjoyed our visit with Aunt Lisa, Uncle Joel, Aunt Barbara and Uncle Murray. Next year we are hoping for an even bigger family reunion at the Jersey Shore.

Fun in New Jersey preceded going to the wedding of Helaine and Jamie in Purchase, New York.

A lovely walk by the Hudson was followed by fun in formal attire.

Helaine and her husband Jamie had a beautiful and meaningful wedding. Reid Castle provided the backdrop for imagination, dancing, and love. I'm looking forward to more photos and time with our dear friends. Below is a pre-wedding photo.

Driving home after the wedding we stopped at a stunning Japanese botanical garden. Innisfree Garden gently enhances and augments the natural landscape. Wondrous eye candy was revealed in all directions.

Near the Innisfree Garden we stopped at the lovely Hudson Valley home of Don Lewis. Don is a master gardener, ancient seed expert, owner of two adorable dogs and musician. Paul and Don met during a 1990s Ukulele festival and have been friends ever since.

Although we love to travel...

...we are also so appreciative of our beautiful Vermont home. After returning, Yitzi, Claire and I took a beautiful Shelburne Farms walk with Yitzi's grade school friend, Gunther. Gunther flew to Boston from California so his girlfriend could attend a conference and he could take the heroic opportunity to bike a couple hundred miles to see his dad and friends in Vermont.

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