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Winter Park to Sarasota

Mom now feels confident switching to Georgia in the first dog: Mom and Dad took me to Azalea Park where Mom appreciated the many Azalea's in bloom and thought it was a good place to put a Sam stone. I liked the windy path and bridge over the wetlands.

Mom and I are both early morning people and appreciated the bright pre-sunrise moonlight in the garden at our Winter Park tiny house.

Wednesday, Feb. 24 began with a sunrise walk in one of the very large Winter Park dog parks. We love the big Florida trees. We then went to see Lisa, Rick, Adam and Evan (Mom and Lisa are first cousins) at their lovely Winter Park house. Evan and Adam like to play basketball in front of their house and it reminded me of how much fun I had going out to the basketball court with Yitzi and his friends when they were all in grade school. If they didn't bring me, I would whimper at the sun room window until Mom would bring me over to the court and ask the kids if I could play. Later we had dinner with our Winter Park cousins on their patio where they sometimes like to watch movies projected onto the outside wall.

Finally a dog friendly ocean bay beach, where Dad could throw me a tennis ball with the lacrosse stick, walking distance from our Airbnb in Sarasota. The inland lakes in Winter Park were very pretty but had warning signs about alligators and harmful bacteria. I don't think alligators like the salt water.

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