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Doors and Murals

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Paul has been photo collecting ornate and interesting doors on our walks through the city of Montevideo. The music and doors (not to be confused with The Doors) are a great match. Check out the video.

As Paul stopped to collect door photos, I started noticing mural art causing me to use my camera as well.

I'm excited to post this next MonteVIDEOSyncracies video that features a talented musician discovered by Paul.

Matias is from a small town in western Argentina and now lives in a small town in Uruguay near Piriapolis. The video also includes some great shots of our visit to Carasco, tango dancing in the park, the mountain in Montevideo (a hill by Vermont standards) where there are some great views, and our visit to the small town (population 2000) where Leo grew up. It's just outside the city limits.

We're appreciating the simple things as we come to a close of our stay here, such as native plants, low tide, crabs strolling on the beach and the few words we can exchange with Feria vendors and store owners who now recognize us as temporary regulars. Today at the Feria I understood the young man who works with his father and sister at our favorite vegetable and fruit stand. He flapped his wings and said one of the words I know (boleto or ticket). Yes, we were saying Adios.

In my last post with the title Neighborhoods,, I mentioned purchasing fruit and nut bars to give to homeless people, because I never have any dinero (cash) and the homeless people do not take debito. This morning my heart soared when I gave a homeless man one of my bars and he gave me a big smile with some teeth missing, "Gracias senorita." Gracias lingering effects of Purim or remembering to give to the poor.

Click Piriapolis video added to The Uruguayan Riviera blog post about Piriapolis.

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1 commento

16 mar 2023

I love the murals, especially the girl in the red dress riding the whale. Thank you for posting them.

Mi piace
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